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Quality Control

Supplier Quality Request

In order to accurately provide SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED's quality requirement to our sub-tier suppliers, we have provided a copy of our supply quality requirements below. SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED's quality requirements are applicable to all purchased product unless otherwise specified in the purchase order. Written approval from SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED is required for any exceptions to the requirements listed in each document and must be received prior to purchase order acceptance. Please contact SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED with any questions concerning these requirements.

In-House Inspection

Samno Electronic company limited is committed to 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining optimal quality processes and procedures based on our ISO9001-2008 standards and experienced quality control team. While the products are directly from the original manufacturer or global authorized distributor, we will remain the factory packing to ensure the perfect packing condition, while the products are from stock/inventory, we take inspection before shipment to ensure no damp, no oxidation, and ensure its originality to make sure the parts will remain the perfect functional performance, all the inspection report will be recorded in document format to ensure the traceability.

3rd Party Inspection

CECC, a professional and most authoritative 3rd party organization for electronic component inspection, work as a strategic partner of SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED for years. While customer request for 3rd party testing report for X-Ray, functional test, JTAG test...etc, CECC will provides a full and authoritative test report in document format.

Certificate of Comformance

CoC is one of the way to ensure the traceability of parts, SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED is capable to provide the CoC according to the customer's request when the parts are supplied directly from the original manufacturer and global authorized distributor, MOQ is requested for getting a manufacturer's CoC. While the products are from stock/inventory, SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED provides its own CoC under the company title of SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED Technology to guarantee the traceability of parts.

Guarantee Period

SAMNO ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED offers 1 year quality guarantee for all the parts supplied, during the perod, RMA or replacement requirement due to quality problem are acceptable, a formal testing report and description for quality issue will be requested when applying for RMA or replacement.


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